City Services

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If you're looking for outdoor recreation, contact our supervisor, Frank Rogers, at (251) 578-1574

City Management

Appointed by the City Council, our City Clerk, Dr. Grealy Marshall, is in charge of the overall city operation and supervision within the policy directives. As the administrative head of City Government, the City Clerk is responsible for the following:

  • Presentation of Annual Budget
  • Including:
  • Long-Range Goals and the Capital Improvement Program
  • Hiring and Dismissal of All Employees
  • Advising the Council on Policy Matters
  • Administration of the After-Adoption Budget

Business License

Contact Brandy Pendleton at (251) 578-1574 during governmental operation hours for more information on our business license applications. Please click the DOING BUSINESS tab or visit the City Hall to apply for our annually issued business licenses.

Electrical Department

For electricity-related questions, contact our supervisor, Chad Moore, at (251) 369-3005 during operation hours. Our city is very proactive in providing the most modern and up-to-date power delivery, as well as in offering some of the most affordable electricity prices and lowest outage rates in the state. Currently, our electricity prices are lower than our competitors'. In addition, we use electronic metering, and offer the following:

  • Right-of-Ways Maintenance
  • Pole Change-out Policy
  • Continuous System Upgrade



Fire Department

To ask for help from our fire department, contact Fred Herbest at (251) 369-2246 during governmental operation hours. On top of its fire prevention and suppression services, we also provide emergency medical assistance and fire safety education.

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Library Services

Genealogy Department, The Lucy C. Warren Heritage Department

Evergreen Public Library upholds the principles of intellectual freedom and the public's right to know by providing access to information and reflecting all points of view for everyone. Get in touch with our supervisor, Diann Lee, at (251) 578-2670 for questions regarding our library services. Located at 119 Cemetary Ave, our library is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays, and 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

Street and Sanitation

Contact our supervisor, Jeff Sullivan, at (251) 369-0394 to learn more about our street and sanitation. This department provides garbage and trash pickup services and helps maintain clean streets in the city. Our service day schedules are as follows:

• Thursday for All Residential Homes & Small Businesses East of the CSX™ Railroad Track
• Tuesday for All Residential Homes & Small Businesses West of the CSX Railroad Track

Water & Waste Water

Call Darlene Johnson for water and waste water -related issues at (251) 369-3032 during our operation hours. This department is responsible for water supplies and wastewater treatments. The state of Alabama requires water systems across the state to provide it's customers and the public, certain annual reports and guideline policies required by the Alabama Department of Enviromental Management (ADEM).

Evergreen Water Works Lead and Copper Sample Plan (April 2023)

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