About the City of Evergreen

Evergreen, Alabama, is the perfect place for your much-desired outdoor recreation and business opportunities. Situated almost midway between Montgomery and Mobile in southwest Alabama, Evergreen is located 78 miles south of the former and 101 miles northeast of the latter.


In Evergreen, you get to enjoy year-round golf activities. You can also bike, hike, and take advantage of cottage lots in our large county lake. Our city also features the following:

• 400 Lakes and Ponds
• 200 Miles of Good Fishing Streams
• Good Game Hunting Spots for Deer, Turkey, Quail, Dove,
  Squirrel, and More


Here, our climate is generally moderate, with warm summers, mild winters, and medium rainfall. Freezing temperatures are recorded about 40 days per year. About 57 inches of rainfall can be expected annually, with March being the wettest month. General northwest winds prevail in winters, while southerly winds prevail during summers.

Education Programs

With the importance of education as a top priority, our city has initiated numerous projects to boost the quality of primary and secondary education. These projects include a dual-enrollment program with Reid State Technical College. Our city's existing schools and academy are:

• Evergreen Elementary School (K-5th Grade)
• Thurgood Marshall Middle School (6th-7th Grade)
• Lyeffion Junior High School (PreK-8th Grade)
• Conecuh County Junior High School (PreK-8th Grade)
• Hillcrest High School (9th-12th Grade)
• Sparta Academy (K3-12th Grade)


Get more information about the Conecuh County School System and Sparta Academy. We have recently achieved the following accomplishments:

• 100% Passing Rate of Hillcrest High School Senior Class in All Parts of Alabama High School Graduation Examination in 2008
• Designation of Evergreen Elementary School, Thurgood Marshall Middle School, and Hillcrest High School as Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative
  (AMSTI) Schools
• Recognition of Evergreen Elementary School, Conecuh County Junior High, Lyeffion Junior High, and Repton Junior High as Alabama Reading Initiative (ARI) Schools
• Acknowledgement of Evergreen Elementary School as Alabama Reading First Initiative (ARFI) School

Contact us in Evergreen, Alabama, to inquire about our growing outdoor recreation and business opportunities.